Into the Silence

Hello lovely reader!

First off, yes. I am still writing fiction. In fact, I’m reworking Heart’s Temptation into deep point of view. It’s taking time, but all good things do. It sits at about 11% revised. I promise it will be completed and on shelves, one way or another.

Into the Silence is a new project. It’s not fiction. In fact, it might be considered a bit of journalism. Non-fiction for sure; inspired by a great journalist named Phil Donahue. The very same man who had that talk show way back when. I heard him interviewed on CNN shortly after President Trump was inaugurated.

Mr. Donahue’s words inspired me to follow this path, to explore its depths and discover what I could. He said, and I am going on memory here, that truth could not be found interviewing experts, generals, politicians or any with large platforms from which to speak. No, to find truth, one must go ‘into the silence.’ Into small towns where voices are rarely heard. There, you shall find real answers, the real reasons for what is going on in America.

So that’s what I am doing. It’s a bit of an adventure, really. A journey of discovery, an excavation of America’s heart. And what better place to start, than in my home town of Texarkana.

I haven’t a clue where it will lead, who I will meet or how it will end. I do know I am inspired to venture forth into the unknown. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have a chat at a coffee shop near you.

Until next time…

Fair winds and following seas, my lovely readers, wherever your horizons beckon!

Stephen R. Gann


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