A New Year’s Gift – Just For You!

Hello Lovely Readers!

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it’s the new year already? 2017 has arrived in Vancouver on the frosty flakes of fluffy, white snow. Of course, it’s Canada where snow isn’t all that unusual. But in this little southwestern corner of the country, most prefer the white stuff stay on the mountains where we can ski on it, or admire from a distance down in the lower mainland.

However, I am not like most. I love the snow, and have enjoyed it completely.

How has my writing gone, you ask? Well, in the spring I completed the historical fiction titled,”Beneath the Willows,” completed three synopsis of varying lengths and queried close to two dozen agencies. Then, as the maple leaves exploded into brilliant autumn color, I began book two of the Willows series. The current title of this one is called, “Between the Willows,” and continues what was uncovered in the first book.

Where Book One was about Tomas and Simone finding their own freedom, now they must follow through on their decision to free others from the tyranny of slavery. Considering the year is 1856, and the Civil War is lurking on the horizon, this task might prove more difficult than they imagined. Lives will be shattered, legacies lost and futures tossed into the fires of doubt. It should be good.

I wish I could say an agency has signed me, that Beneath the Willows was headed to publication and I’m expected to punch out Between the Willows by early spring 2017. Unfortunately, this is not CURRENTLY the case. While pleasant and professional in the responses, all queries came back as no. However, no doesn’t mean forever. it just means not now.

And that’s okay! I completed a novel; one that all who’ve read it claim is very good, to extraordinarily excellent. One reader, someone who reviews books professionally, claimed the characters were, “deep, dynamic and completely engaging. I’m hooked.” I’ll claim that as a win and move forward with Book Two, adding all of the little lessons learned along the way to make it even better than the first.

Now to the New Years Gift part.

Since you’ve all been such loyal readers, I’ve decided to post Beneath the Willows in it’s completed form on this blog.

That’s right! Each week, I’ll post a new chapter and continue to do so until we reach, The End. Even better, it will include all of the chapters I removed in order to reach a certain word count; like getting Lord of the Rings extended version dvds – all sorts of good stuff.

I hope you enjoy it.

Now, there are a few caveats that I ask of you to participate in as you read. I wrote this novel, in part, to get published. These caveats will assist in making that happen, as you’ll soon see. They’re free, cost you nothing and helps me tremendously.

First: please LIKE the blog posts and FOLLOW my blog. As each chapter is posted, there will be a LIKE button on the bottom. And a FOLLOW button as well. Easy and simple. Also, feel free to comment at the bottom. I will answer and engage in conversation. In essence, you might well assist in writing the next book!

Second: Please follow me on TWITTER, and if so inclined, RETWEET my blog on your TWITTER feed. Very helpful, this.

Third: Please LIKE the blog on FACEBOOK, and SHARE with your friends

I will be forever grateful and appreciative if you, lovely reader, did these for me. It would mean so much. It’s not a requirement, however. Just a simple request.

Why do I ask such things? In today’s marketing world, writers are almost (are) required to have a social media platform. I do have one, but need many more readers in the feeds. The more people who read this book, read my blog and follow me, the greater my chances to land a publishing contract with Book Two and beyond.

Thank you very much, have a Happy New Year and may your 2017 be the stuff dreams are made from.

Fair winds and following seas, lovely reader, wherever your horizons beckon…

Stephen R. Gann


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