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Feedback Aftermath: Moving into Rewrite

Hello Lovely Readers!

Yes, it’s been awhile since I last posted. I took 6 weeks off to do other things besides write. I read, I played some World of Warcraft, attempted to cross country ski, visited with family and friends, read some more – including my own book.

Oh yea, signed some new clients, too. Hint: it helps in paying bills.

And during all of this time, my novel, Beneath the Willows, has been in the hands of a fabulous group of beta readers while I occupied my mind with more mundane things, chewed my fingernails to the quick and waited.

Patiently.  Waited.

There are the terrible cliches about paint drying and watched pots that never boil; time crawling. You know those, right? They’re TRUE! Light, but that was a long time to wait. Every minute ticking by with eternal ‘clicks’ of the clock.

Tick: The stars wheel overhead, fading into daylight with the rising sun.

Tock: The sun sets, dipping below the horizon to welcome a descending blanket of darkness.

Eternity passes, and now I’m prepared to move forward into REWRITE! Monday morning, January 25th, I shall take the feedback I’ve received and create a better, more dynamic novel.

To those who’ve read the book in all it’s first draft glory, typoos and all, I salute you!  Your feedback was valuable, your gift of reading invaluable and your desire to see my manuscript succeed priceless. I hope I can live up to the expectations.

And when it’s all done, the ink dried and a new project begun – dinner’s on me.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, lovely readers, wherever your horizons beckon…


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