Frank Delivers a Gift: DRAMA

Hello Lovely Reader!

Today marks a milestone on the highway to completion. Just this morning, while sharing coffee with my good friend, Frank, I crossed the ten thousand word milestone marker. All words for the novel which does not count historical reference material, outlining or backstory.

Frank is pleased. He especially enjoyed the coffee at Waves in Vancouver, my local haunt for the past two weeks. Every morning at 7:30am, we’d get busy. Well, I would get busy. He’d watch over the top of his mug as if expecting me to finish that very day.

It’s interesting how the vibrancy of an active city stimulates creativity. I’ve often wondered about that. Here, I was writing on an outside table while people walked by, cars roared and honked their horns and sirens blared. It did nothing to break the trance of creativity. I might offer that it helped.

What’s interesting about being out in public, is that I pick up bits and parts of people to mix into the character slush. What comes out are uniquely designed beings that live life on the pages that I write – filled with life and color. This is especially true of the heroine, Simone Plachette.

Two people especially contributed to her beauty, and one loaned me her name – all of whom shall remain nameless until we roll credits. I imagine they’ll come to know who they are if they read the book, perhaps even pick up a few hints along the way. Maybe it will make them smile.

Speaking of smiles, Simone has the brightest you could ever imagine. It not only lights up her face, it brightens her eyes to the point of radiance. When characters experience it, they find themselves uplifted – like being smiled at by an angel. You don’t forget.

Difficult to describe, it’s so easy to see.

Frank likes this, too. Being able to really SEE a character keeps him enthralled and wanting more. A good thing, I think.

What he also wants is drama. Lots and lots of drama. The type that people pay big money for at the box office, while real life lovers try to avoid like the plague. It’s also good for books. EXTREMELY good for Romance novels.

So, where does one find drama? Look no further than Frank.

My dear, beloved ideal reader brought it right to my doorstep and let it loose. Sunday, while out for drinks (he still had coffee, which baffled me), he carefully unfolded drama on the table and allowed it to dance.

Who knew Frank could be so helpful? I mean, I could have easily created something from scratch, maybe even imagined it while sitting at the table on Robson Street in Vancouver. A blueberry muffin on one side of my Surface, a maple machiatto on the other. Easy, right?

Nope. That’s not what Frank wanted. And we all know that when Frank wants something, he wants it done right.

And man, did he deliver!  He gave me so much juicy stuff, that I’ll not sleep well for days trying to decompress from his gift. And that STILL might not be a short enough time to recover. Frank has certainly done a number on our New Orleans lovers, I can tell you that. Simone and Tomas are in for a treat, and after this, they might not ever talk to me again because of it!

However, so long as they still talk to one another, then that’s all that matters. Maybe by the ending… just sayin’ ::wink:: ::wink::

Of course, I won’t get into the details. You have to read the book to learn that. But suffice it to say, it’s pretty good. Or bad, depending upon your point of view.

So there you have it. As promised in the title, Drama galore. A gift from Frank, light bless his over-caffeinated soul.

So until next time, lovely reader:

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Wherever your horizons may beckon you…


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