Frank Wants A Romance

Hello again, lovely reader.

Frank got his wish and I plotted out a romance novel. Just the beginnings, but with my ideal reader present and attentive (meaning caffeinated), I was able to immerse myself into an outline that appeared in paragraph form. Truth be told, the idea had been percolating around in my head for some time, but I’d never really sat down to discover what might appear should I dare to put pen to paper.

Now, some of you might ask, “Stephen, how can you write a romance? You’re a fantasy author for Light’s sake!”

True. I’ve been writing fantasy for some time. However, I would like to point out that SOME people call fantasy, ‘bro-mance.’ So, if that’s true, then I have been writing romance for a while – just from a different perspective.

We shall see.

it’s fun, though. In fact, I even got a tad bit emotional when I came to the end of my paragraphical (<- probably not a word) outline and wrote the ENDING, or a part of it anyway. It just seemed right to do so. if everyone knows that the book has a happy ending, then why not start there and work backwards? Or at least KNOW how true love wins in the end. I cried, so at least I liked it.

Frank did, too.

Besides, it could change by the time I get there again. Probably will. Characters tend to do that: re-write what you THOUGHT they wanted into what they REALLY wanted. And that’s what makes it so fun.

Something else you folks might point out to me, is that my ideal reader (Frank) is male. Mhmm. I thought about that. Not many men wandering the romance aisles. Or so I thought.

I sat in a Barnes & Noble the other day and watched. Lets just say I was pleased with the results, and eager to move onward with my little project.

So the story is set in 1840’s New Orleans. The leading male is a rascal named Tomas J. Laiche` who suddenly becomes owner of a shipping company and a sugar plantation. Family duty demands he fall in line with the aristocratic ways of plantation politics, which causes issues – especially regarding whom he should marry.

Our leading lady is named Simone Plachette, a free-spirited stage performer and artist who falls in love with our rascal, yet discovers that plantation politics do not treat women such as Simone with great kindness. In fact, art isn’t even TAUGHT in New Orleans at that time (true fact). Better yet, her style is decades away from being accepted, meaning she is quite the extremist.

So there you have it. A tidbit to whet your whistle.

We’re off and running like a herd of turtles, and next post, I’ll talk about the historical significance of the title, where some of the names came from and give a bit of credit.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


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