Day 1 – The Journey of a Thousand Pages


Today is the day!

At 6:30am pacific time, I embarked on the long dreamed of adventure of writing a novel. For years, I’ve posted into fantasy fan fiction forums, written short stories (even entered them into competitions) and filled notebooks full of various ideas. In other words, I’ve played around with the idea of being a writer, yet never really set sail toward a true destination. I would say that posting well over 200,000 words of fantasy fan fiction qualifies as being a writer, so I will say I am one. However, writing a book and being dedicated to doing so is a different quest altogether.

Let me back up a moment and speak about how I got to where I am today.

I’m a professionally trained Life Coach. I provide support, guidance and confidence for those seeking new and/or fulfilling careers. I tend to work with those more in the creative endeavors and have found myself attracting new and emerging writers – those who feel they have a book inside just WAITING to get out. What fun they are, new writers. My coaching style stays away from the critical aspects and focuses more on insights into development, staying focused, moving forward and maintaining the discipline needed to see the project through.

In other words, I remain completely neutral and leave the creativity to the writer. Oh, yes. I certainly help with creativity – that’s the fuel from coaching. I just don’t critique and many times, don’t even know what the plot is.

It’s a challenge and my curiosity is always peeked. However, in order to see my clients reach their goal of a completed book, it’s hugely important that I hold the space for them to create and keep them engaged with open-ended, value-based questions.

So, back to today. 😀

I hired a coach myself. Sure, I know the value and, as one of my clients told me, “I don’t know how anyone new could ever write a book without having a coach to keep them on the path.” Well, I listened and found a fantastic one to work with.

So, this morning, I gathered all of my notes, strode out onto the patio – journal in one hand, coffee in another and began to write.

Tally Ho! and Off We Go!   Here’s to the Journey of a Thousand Pages.


Stephen R. Gann – Life Coach and Emerging Fantasy Author

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